Opportunity to Participate in Worship Service Leadership! 

As you know, May 10th is Mother’s Day/Family Sunday (we try to focus more broadly on families as there are so many different configurations!). For that Sunday’s service we are focusing on the theme of “Sheltering in Love” and the first verse from Psalm 57 about sheltering in God’s wings. That week’s service will be pre-recorded (like yesterday’s) and we … Read More

CYF Activities for the week of April 27 – May 2

Friday 6pm – Youth “Stranger Things” Escape Room! We’ll work together to solve puzzles to try to escape from “Demagorgon” attacks! (Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the show Stranger Things!). All are welcome! https://zoom.us/j/453531141?pwd=R3NJNVdldDZkRzBNeW1RdTJTN3RhZz09 Sunday at 9:45am – Godly Play – All kids are invited to participate in a Godly Play session with Shannon! Hear a Bible Story, reflect on questions, … Read More

More Activities for the 3rd Sunday of Easter!

Easter season activity pages and coloring for the 3rd Sunday of Easter – or whenever you have time! Includes a page to color that says “I miss you” – great to mail to friends and family!

CYF Activities for the week of April 20-26

Family Earth Day Challenge! Here are 22 “days” of activities to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day (April 22, 2020!). Let me know what you get up to and challenge other families to participate! Friday 6pm – All Ages Movie Night: Make/order pizza and get some snacks – and enjoy a movie together – either Christopher Robin or Leap! (Please share your … Read More

Easter is a whole season!

Easter is not just one day – it’s a whole 50 day season! Here are some resources that explore the continued Easter story as we move into the second week of Easter. Coloring sheets, reflections, activities, and more! Enjoy!

CYF Events for the Week of April 13-19, 2020

Friday 6pm – Youth Dinner/Game Night: We’ll come together for a bit of hangout time (bring your own dinner!) and then play some old-school games together on Zoom (trivia, charades, Pictionary, etc). Youth in grades 6+ are invited to participate! https://zoom.us/j/453531141?pwd=R3NJNVdldDZkRzBNeW1RdTJTN3RhZz09 Saturday at 10am – Celebrate Earth Day with Sheryl: we’ll read stories about the Earth and share about our favorite animals! Please bring a favorite … Read More

More Holy Week activities!

Here are some great activities – readings, prayers, coloring sheets, etc. – to do at home as you mark Holy Week!

Make Your Alleluias!

Alleluia means “Praise the Lord” – something that is often proclaimed in particular on Easter. As you celebrate Easter this year, consider what you are praising God for specifically at this time. Is that the same or different than other years? Here is a large “Alleluia” poster that you can print on several sheets and color. You can put it … Read More

Easter Coloring Page

Here is a banner that you can color at home to use as a decoration for Easter! ChristIsRisen8.5×11

Easter Scavenger Hunt – 2020 Edition!  

Find items in your house and yard with special Easter connections! After you locate these items (or as many as you can find), take a photo of you with your filled basket and email it me (Sheryl – sjohnson@ccsm-ucc.org). 1. Find an Easter basket or any kind of bag for hunting. 2. In your yard or a park, find and collect: • … Read More

Butcher Paper Graffiti Wall

Here’s another great family activity from Melanie Dresbach Children are heavily impacted by Shelter in Place and they are often the forgotten souls. Who would think that these tiny ones are sad, fearful, worried, scared for the adults in their lives?  Embrace these beautiful angels, these gifts from God by giving them opportunities to release their fear and anxiety. Back … Read More