Ways to Give 

There are a variety of ways to make a gift to CCSM. Any method that you use to contribute to this church is tremendously appreciated. 

Here are some options for making a donation ONLINE or in person :

  • Leave your gift (cash or check) in a labeled envelope in the offering plate at Sunday worship
  • Donate using your bank’s bill pay system (just as you would pay any bill)
  • Donate online via a text message* (see instructions below)
  • Donate online by clicking the GIVE NOW below on [this page]
  • Log in to myCCSMand give a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation
  • Mail your donation to the church at CCSM, 225 Tilton Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401
  • Drop it off at the church office
Give Now

Ways To Give – Choose One!

Become a Monthly Supporter:
  • Click the Give now button, select General Fund and add “monthly” to the memo line
  • Email Cheryle at and she will help you set up monthly donation
Send an email or call:

If you’ve given before you can always send an email to Cheryle Matteo at, or call her at 650-343-3694 and she will help you or simply renew your pledge (or you can ask her to increase it)

Renew Your Pledge via myCCSM:
  • Sign in to your account at myCCSM
  • If not already on the Home page, select Home / My Overview
  • Click on the Pledge Nowbutton near the bottom
  • Fill in the amount, select General Budget
  • Select the frequency
  • Make the pledge for one year – From 1/1/22 until 12/31/22
  • Now click Saveor Save and Setup Online Gift.  That’s it.  Your pledge has been recorded. Thank you!

*Note: The church is charged a fee of approximately 3% of the total by credit card companies when you use a credit card to pledge; there are no fees to the church when you use an auto-pay setup from your bank or a check written to the church.

Become a Sustaining Pledger:
  • Sign in to your account at myCCSM
  • If not already on the Home page, select Home / My Overview
  • Click on the Pledge Now“ button near the bottom
  • Fill in the amount, select General Budget
  • Select the frequency
  • Make the pledge for three years – From 1/1/22 until 12/31/24
  • Before clicking Save“ or Save and Setup Online Gift“, confirm the total pledge amount that appears. Examples:
    • If you insert $200 to the Operating Fund to be given twice a month, that total will be $14,400 (2 x 36 x $200) over a three year period.
    • If you insert $5,000 to Operating Fund to be given once a year, that total will be $15,000 (3 x $5,000), $5,000 given each year.
  • Now click Save“ or Save and Setup Online Gift.  That’s it.  Your three-year pledge has been recorded. Thank you!

* To TEXT a gift to the church, text to 73256 and type in either CCSM Plate $__ (with the amount) or CCSM General $__ (with the amount). You will quickly receive a response text that asks you to click on an included link. The first time you do your offering this way (for either the plate or the general fund), you’ll be asked for your payment information—but you only do this one time and it takes about two minutes. You’ll quickly get a confirmation text.

Your financial support is always appreciated.

2022: Reimagine

The pandemic has changed so many things. We all are in a time of reimagining, still trying to chart an unknown future. CCSM did our best to meet the challenges of the pandemic head on, striving to keep the community connected and delivering inspiration services every Sunday online. As of fall 2021, we are back in person AND online—in other words, our services are hybrid. To me, hybrid means we are addressing two congregations simultaneously: an in-person congregation and a remote congregation.

And here is what’s true:

In-person worship is the easiest (the fewest steps and staff)

Remote is the harder work (requiring more steps and staff)

Hybrid is the hardest (requiring multiples of more steps and staff and equipment) 

We are committed to both congregations. The congregation who gathers at 225 is easy to imagine, and we’re getting new visitors almost every week now.

But now imagine the online congregation: 

  • People who have never been to 225 Tilton but consider CCSM their spiritual home
  • Our elders who are too frail to come out but can still feel like they are not alone by participating online
  • Our families whose younger children are not yet vaccinated
  • People who come in person one week and participate online the next
  • People who are in the hospital and feeling isolated and find comfort from the music and message
  • Friends and family of CCSM members who live far away but can enjoy “going to church together”
  • People who are disillusioned with Christianity but have found a sense of belonging at CCSM
  • People who held onto Sunday services as a “life-line” during the pandemic
  • People who are able to see their screen as sacred portal to connect them to real spiritual community
  • CCSM members who are traveling or have conflicting commitments who can watch the service later
  • People from around the country (and overseas) who have no access to a progressive Christian community

If you come to church in person, you will see some “empty pews”—something that we are not accustomed to at CCSM. But the pews are NOT empty—they are simply filled in a different way. They are filled with people participating online. We have learned in a new way that “spiritual community” is not bound by walls, or space or time.  

What we are doing this year may be harder than ever, and yes, more expensive than ever, and it requires deeper commitment for ALL of us who believe this spiritual community is vital. 

So please be part of the giving community at CCSM—monthly supporters, pledgers, one time donations, special gifts, stock donations, bequests—there are so many ways to give financially. All of you who volunteer in so many ways also allow us to keep this church thriving.

Reimagine with us.  Your giving is the ONLY way we can continue to be a progressive voice, a beloved community and an advocate for social justice. We have a greater opportunity now to be MORE open, MORE progressive, MORE inclusive.

A Spiritual Hub...

During the week, the Fireplace Room, Buckham Room, Library, and Choir Room all require constant changes to accommodate meetings of CCSM groups such as the Blanketeers, Knitters, Music and Art, Time Out for Lunch Bunch, First Tuesday Book Club, Spiritual Conversations Gathering, Solidarity Cohort, Sisters in Spirit, and those who practice Meditation.

Interspersed among the above are groups from our surrounding community. We host four 12-Step support groups on a regular weekly basis as well as provide meeting space from time to time for the Upper-Peninsula San Francisco Symphony League, Atkinson Foundation, Cadet Girl Scouts, Special Needs Kids, One San Mateo, Mid-Peninsula Village, Homework Central, Intercommunal Pre-School, Faith in Action, and the San Francisco Boys’ Chorus. At times, we even have had to use the Production Room and Infant Room to carve out meeting space!

Then there are unique events which require advance planning and special Kloss Hall room arrangements. These include Home and Hope’s rotating family shelter (which CCSM hosts three times each year), candidate forums prior to elections, Lifeline Screening, Unaccompanied Minors Holiday Party, Homework Central Family Nights, and Feelosophers Camp.

Our sanctuary is a coveted venue for concerts such as Angela’s annual Halloween Concert as well as her Spring Concert and Ice Cream Social. Masterworks, Viva La Musica, and Solstice have performed in our hallowed hall. The sanctuary has been the sacred space for weddings and memorials over the past year.

Celebrations such as retirement parties, quinceañeras, the Will’s Dream Foundation annual fundraiser, birthday parties, baptisms, first communions, and Pick-a-Parties have graced CCSM’s rooms with laughter and music. The Día de los Muertos and Las Posadas events have built relationships between the Sunday congregation, the Wednesday Gatherings and our neighbors.

Give Now

Serve at CCSM

God has no hands but your hands, no feet but your feet, no face but your face.

Together, we are the hands, feet and face of God. Together, we can make a difference. Explore CCSM’s opportunities to volunteer your time and gifts and donate your items for our local community.

Volunteer Your Time and Gifts

Through our collaboration with partner organizations, we provide opportunities to meet the real needs of our community as we serve togetherExplore our upcoming Social Justice Events and search our Small Group options to see how you can get involved.

Learn about our partner organizations for additional opportunities to serve in our community.