The Congregational Church of San Mateo is a special community. We are a community that continually strives to realize our goals of inclusivity and justice. Daily we gather either virtually or in person to give of our time, talent and treasure. No matter the need, we collectively  address it, both for congregants and the larger community.

We have continued to evolve as events present us not with road blocks but with opportunities.  We can all be proud of the progress we have made and the future we are building together.

Our annual Giving Drive is a time for everyone to commit their treasure to our community so that we can meet our obligations and continue to grow.  

The Stewardship Committee is asking that everyone participate in Giving Thanks this year.  No gift is too small or too big. Think about the part of CCSM that fed your soul — Sunday Service, Wednesday Service, a prayer request honored, healing the earth, feeding the hungry — what touched you this year?  Then please give a gift that’s meaningful to you so we can continue to feed your soul and the souls of others. 

Thank you for giving of your time, talent and treasure over the years.  Everyone is valuable and everyone is welcome.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Matthew 6:21

The Stewardship Committee

When thinking about your pledge for 2023, please take the following facts into consideration:

CCSM needs to reduce its shortfall – the difference between total revenue and total expenses – by increasing revenue or reducing staff. We ask all participants to consider increasing their pledge to the General Fund during this stewardship campaign or to make a pledge for the first time. 
In 2022, the shortfall of $225,000 was almost fully covered by federal pandemic relief funds. This shortfall, which arose by starting innovative programs using special, designated gifts, have proven successful, but are not yet fully funded with annual revenue streams.
In 2022, our staffing costs only $10,000 less than our total projected revenue from annual sources (pledges, rental income, fundraisers, three plate offerings and special gifts).
In 2023, we are hoping to limit our shortfall to $100,000 or less if the pledge drive is as successful as the recent survey suggests it could be.  Although this shortfall could be covered in 2023 with reserve funds that we are quite fortunate to have, our goal is to return to a balanced budget as soon as we are able during this transition in leadership. Every pledge matters.
The cost of one year’s operation for our current collection of staff, programs, and outreach is roughly one million dollars – a little less than $5,000 per pledging household. Some households are able to pledge far more but many cannot pledge that much. 
If we have 200 pledging households increase their annual pledge by $1,200, the additional pledges would eliminate the shortfall without a cut in programs or staffing. The 200 number would include households making a first-ever pledge of $1,200 or more, and households that currently pledge increasing their pledge by that amount.
A pledge is a statement of a planned contribution to the General Fund. It is not a contract and it can be cancelled or reduced by the pledger if circumstances dictate.
CCSM is pleased to give away most of our weekly plate offerings (offerings not designated for the General Fund nor another purpose) to one of our non-profit partners. We ask households to plan their pledge to the General Fund without diminishing their plate offerings, which are over and above the pledge.
If you have any questions about the budget, please reach out to any member of the Finance Committee or the Board of Directors. Thank you for your thoughtful approach to your pledge to CCSM.

Ways To Pledge – Choose One!

Become an Annual or Sustaining Pledger:
  • The easiest way to make an online three-year ("sustaining") or annual pledge is to click THIS LINK and follow instructions.
  • OR, to use ACS, click here, select General Fund and add “monthly” or "annually" to the memo line
    (With either format, you can select how often you prefer to make payments.)
  • Don't forget to ask your employer if they have a charitable donation matching program to make your pledge go farther.
Send an email or call:

You can always send an email to Cheryle Matteo at, or call her at 650-343-3694, and she will help you make a new pledge, renew your pledge, change your pledge amount or frequency of payment.

Renew Your Pledge via myCCSM:


  • Sign in to your account at myCCSM
  • If not already on the Home page, select Home / My Overview
  • Click on the Pledge Nowbutton near the bottom
  • Fill in the amount, select General Budget
  • Select the frequency
  • To make the pledge for one year, enter from 1/1/23 until 12/31/23
  • Now click Saveor Save and Setup Online Gift.  Your pledge has been recorded. Thank you!


  • To make the pledge for three years, enter from 1/1/23 until 12/31/25
  • Before clicking Save“ or Save and Setup Online Gift“, confirm the total pledge amount that appears. Examples:
    • If you insert $200 to the Operating Fund to be given twice a month, that total will be $14,400 (2 x 36 x $200) over a three year period.
    • If you insert $5,000 to Operating Fund to be given once a year, that total will be $15,000 (3 x $5,000), $5,000 given each year.
  • Now click Saveor Save and Setup Online Gift.  Your pledge has been recorded. Thank you!

*Note: The church is charged a fee of approximately 3% of the total by credit card companies when you use a credit card to pledge; there are no fees to the church when you use an auto-pay setup from your bank or a check written to the church.

Please contact the church office (650-343-3694) if you have any questions about your pledge.

One Time Gifts & Plate Offerings

There are a variety of ways to make a donation to CCSM. Any method that you use to contribute to this church is tremendously appreciated. The following are options for making one-time donations, gifts to a particular fund, and/or plate offerings. For pledging information, please see above. 

Here are some options for making a donation either online or in person :

  • Leave your gift (cash or check) in a labeled envelope in the offering plate at Sunday worship
  • Donate using your bank’s bill pay system (just as you would pay any bill)
  • Donate online by clicking HERE
  • Log in to myCCSM and give a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation
  • Mail or drop off your donation to the church at CCSM, 225 Tilton Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401
  • To TEXT a gift to the church, text to 73256 and type in either CCSM Plate $__ (with the amount) or CCSM General $__ (with the amount). You will receive a response text (it can take about 15 seconds) that asks you to click on an included link. The first time you do your offering this way (for either the plate or the general fund), you’ll be asked for your payment information—but you only do this one time and it takes about two minutes. You’ll quickly get a confirmation text.

    Your support is always appreciated!