Donate to CCSM

The Congregational Church of San Mateo is a special community -
a community that continually strives to realize our goals of inclusivity, compassion, and justice.  We continue to evolve and grow, building a future together.  That growth requires our involvement in multiple ways and generous giving of our time, talents and treasure.  

Our various talents and gifts of time fuel our twelve volunteer ministry teams, Board of Directors and leadership committees.  Some deliver flowers for our homebound, some sing in the choir, some create community service projects, and more.  Their time and talents keep our community vibrant.

Our annual Giving Drive is an opportunity for everyone to commit to our community from our financial abundance.  Through a balanced budget, we meet our operational obligations and continue to grow in outreach and spiritual depth. No gift is too small or too large as we GIVE FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE TOGETHER. 

As you consider your estimate of annual giving to CCSM, think what feeds your soul — Sunday or Wednesday Service, a prayer request honored, our efforts to heal the earth, feeding the hungry — what touched you this year?  Then, with your hopes to continue the outreach and inner growth of CCSM, please give a gift that’s meaningful to you and this community.

Thank you for your gifts of time, talent, and treasure over the years.  Everyone is valuable and everyone is welcome!

When thinking about your pledge for 2024, please take the following facts into consideration:

    • Operating expenses for churches across the country continue to rise.
    • Simply maintaining basic programs will require over $570,000 in pledges.
    • Growing our outreach, social media presence and children’s programs will cost over $610,000.
  • Last year, we only raised $530,000—so we need to think more generously this year. 
  • Almost all of our weekly plate offerings given away to one of our non-profit partners (only four go toward the church’s general funding).  Please, plan your pledge to the General Fund without diminishing your plate offerings (and vice versa).

If you have any questions about the budget, please reach out to any member of the Finance Committee or the Board of Directors. Thank you for your thoughtful approach to your pledge to CCSM.


Donate online:
  • To use ACS, click here, select General Budget and add “monthly” or "annually" to the memo line.  (With either format, you can select how often you prefer to make payments.)
  • Since the church pays fees for credit card donations, please consider adding a little to cover that expense and make the most of your gift. 
Email or call:

You can always send an email to Cheryle Matteo at, or call her at 650-343-3694. She will help you make a new pledge, renew your pledge, change your pledge amount or frequency of payment.

Remember to:
  • Ask your employer if they have a charitable donation matching program to make your pledge go farther.
  • Consult your financial planner about donating tax free from your IRA.
  • Consider donating directly from your bank or writing a check.  The church is charged a fee of approximately 3% of the total by credit card companies when you use a credit card.
Renew Your Pledge via myCCSM:
  • Sign in to your account at myCCSM
  • If not already on the Home page, select Home / My Overview
  • Click on the Pledge Nowbutton near the bottom
  • Fill in the amount, and select General Budget
  • Select the frequency
  • To make the pledge for one year, enter from 1/1/24 until 12/31/24
  • Now click Saveor Save and Setup Online Gift.  Your pledge has been recorded. Thank you!
Please contact the church office (650-343-3694)
if you have any questions about your pledge.

One Time Gifts & Plate Offerings

You can make a donation to the life of CCSM in a variety of ways.

Any method that you use to contribute to this church is tremendously appreciated and tax deductible.  The following are options for making
one-time donations, gifts to a particular fund, and/or plate offerings.  For pledging information, please see above. 

Options for making a donation either online or in person:
  • Leave your gift (cash or check) in a labeled envelope in the offering plate at Sunday worship.
  • Donate using your bank’s bill pay system (just as you would pay any bill).
  • Donate online by clicking HERE.
  • Log in to myCCSM and give a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation.
  • Mail or drop off your donation to the church at CCSM, 225 Tilton Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401.
  • To TEXT a gift to the church, text to 73256 and type in either CCSM Plate $__ (with the amount) or CCSM General $____ (with the amount). You will receive a response text (it can take about 15 seconds) that asks you to click on an included link. The first time you do your offering this way (for either the plate or the general fund), you’ll be asked for your payment information—but you only do this one time and it takes about two minutes. You’ll quickly get a confirmation text.

Your support is always appreciated!