An essential part of our vision at CCSM is to champion social justice issues. We do this through advocacy, through volunteering, and through giving away our plate offering every week to one of our many community partners—organizations and ministries that CCSM members have direct relationship within our community, as well as nationally and globally.

We at CCSM know that the change we seek begins with us. We are committed to educating ourselves so that we might be better repairers of our society. Our mantra is a contemporary version of an ancient saying: “God has no hands but our hands, no feet but our feet, no face but our face.” By that we mean that we live by deeds, not by creeds, and that “social justice” is not a separate program, but simply how we seek to live our faith.

Join us in cultivating a more equitable, just and compassionate world, working together to understand and meet the real needs of our local community and beyond.

Social Justice Slideshow

Energy, Environmental Justice

The EEJ (Energy, Environmental Justice) Ministry was formed in 2019 to research, educate, implement and communicate in the CCSM community sustainable practices and energy saving operations such as installing solar panels and other efficiency upgrades to our campus. By fulfilling our mission, CCSM will save money, reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to mitigate climate change. Our mission aligns with the congregation’s social justice values and sustainability of our planet. 

Solar Project

The solar project being researched for consideration is a design of overhead solar panels installed in the parking lot with storage batteries, car charging stations and provision for limited use of power for our neighbors in case of emergency.

Sanctuary Church

CCSM voted to become a Sanctuary Church in February 2017, approving this motion: “The Congregational Church of San Mateo declares itself a Sanctuary Congregation and as such will open our doors to welcome into Sanctuary undocumented individuals who are facing deportation and in need of safe refuge.” Later that year, two members of the TransGay Caravan, Estefany and Natalia, were received by the church to live in an apartment on the grounds adapted for that purpose, with Estefany staying for an extended period. Currently, a father and son, David and Byron, reside in the church’s Sanctuary apartment.

man with a child on his back

Ministry of Service & Justice (MSJ)

God has no hands but your hands, no feet but your feet, no face but your face.

The Ministry of Service and Justice (MSJ) seeks to cultivate a more just and compassionate world, working together to understand and meet the real needs of our local community and beyond. MSJ is an active and vibrant ministry integral to the life of this church, and is involved in a wide variety of projects: long term and short term, local and global, small and large, CCSM-only and partnered with the community.

COVID-19 Neighborhood
Assistance Fund

CCSM’s COVID-19 Neighborhood Assistance Fund helps families connected to the CCSM community have money for groceries, subsidize their rent, and provide technology for families without it so children can participate in online school. 

Peninsula Solidarity Cohort

The Peninsula Solidarity Cohort is a group of 40 faith leaders from diverse traditions who meet regularly to address pressing social justice issues in San Mateo County. Drawing on our respective spiritual traditions, we strive to articulate shared moral narratives for our time and create communities of compassion, justice and belonging on the Peninsula. Since our founding in 2017, we have strengthened our relationships and our efficacy by engaging in shared analysis of issues, building concrete skills, and taking collective action in the community on issues ranging from affordable housing; immigration justice; systemic racism, bias and bigotry; criminal justice reform; and safe parking for people living in vehicles. We are funded by grants from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and partner closely with Faith in Action Bay Area. Rev Dr G Penny Nixon is the co-director of the PSC and one of the founders.