Opportunity to Participate in Worship Service Leadership! 

As you know, May 10th is Mother’s Day/Family Sunday (we try to focus more broadly on families as there are so many different configurations!). For that Sunday’s service we are focusing on the theme of “Sheltering in Love” and the first verse from Psalm 57 about sheltering in God’s wings.

That week’s service will be pre-recorded (like yesterday’s) and we would LOVE to showcase families in various ways during the service (which should make watching it extra fun for you too!). Here are some ways you could be involved – and we are hoping that most families would be willing to be involved in some way or another. We want to focus on themes of shelter, love and family. Here are some ideas (please send photos/videos by Sunday, May 3):

-Send a photo of a child’s artwork – maybe a picture of your home or family
-Send a photo of your family holding a sign saying something like “I love my family” or “sheltering in love”
-Send a photo of a pillow fort, treehouse, or other fun “shelter” that you have built with kids inside!
-Upload a short video (10-20 seconds) here with a short message on themes of family, love, shelter, and gratitude (i.e. “I love my family and I am grateful to be sheltering with them” or “I feel God’s love through my dad’s hugs”)

Or – if you have another idea, please let me know and I’d love to hear it and talk about how we could make it work! If you have any trouble with videos please let me know and I can help you make it work.

Thank you so much for your support! I think this will be a great opportunity for kids to express their gratitude to their families for all of the extra ways they are stepping up to take care of them right now – and for our church family to say thank you to all of the families for all they are doing!