Easter Scavenger Hunt – 2020 Edition!  

Find items in your house and yard with special Easter connections! After you locate these items (or as many as you can find), take a photo of you with your filled basket and email it me (Sheryl – sjohnson@ccsm-ucc.org).

1. Find an Easter basket or any kind of bag for hunting.

2. In your yard or a park, find and collect:

• A sign of new life (a bloom or a bud or a sprout), which reminds us of Christ’s resurrection!

• A branch of an “evergreen” – a shrub or tree that stays green all year long. God’s love for us never fades or falls away!

• A rock or pebble. This reminds us of the stone that was rolled away on Easter morning!

• A twig. Jesus came back to life after dying on a cross made of wood.

3. Now go back inside to find, collect, or do these things:

• A napkin or paper towel. The cloth that had wrapped the body of Jesus was found in the open tomb.

• A pencil and a piece of paper. Thank goodness Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote down this amazing story for us!

• Three of the same kind of thing. Jesus came back to life after three days!

• A container of spice from your kitchen cabinet. The women discovered Jesus had risen when they were bringing spices to his tomb.

• With the paper and pencil already in your basket, write the word “peace”. When Jesus appeared to his disciples in the evening of the day he rose, the first thing he told them was “Peace be with you.”

• Find something that’s empty. The rock of the tomb had been rolled away – and Jesus was not there. Shout, “Christ has Risen!”