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Pick-A-Party 2018

Our 20th Annual Pick-A-Party Sunday on October 14th was a Tremendous success!

Thank you to everyone who joined us to purchase parties on October 14th, 2018. Over a hundred people participated and we collected over $19,000.

If you haven’t been able to sign up for a party yet, there are still over 20 parties with seats available. The open Pick-A-Party Party List is now available for download. (Last updated 12/9/2018)

To sign up:

  • Fill out the Pick-A-Party form on this page with details about which party you are interested in, and our Co-Chairs will be get back to you. You can mail a check to CCSM or drop it off in the main office.

Questions? Fill out the Pick-A-Party form on this page and our Co-Chairs will be get back to you.

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