World AIDS Day 2019: Service of Remembrance, Resistance, Resilience and Resurrection

Sunday, December 1 • 4pm • Island United Church, 1130 Balclutha Dr, Foster City

Communities make the difference

More people than ever before are affected by HIV/AIDS, globally and locally, and even in the US, many people are unaware of their status and/or are not receiving appropriate medical care for this disease which is often religiously stigmatized. Join with Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon, CCSM; Bishop Yvette Flunder, City of Refuge UCC, and Rev. Jim Mitulski, Island United Church UCC, for a service of Remembrance, Resistance, Resilience and Resurrection. These fatih leaders have local, national and international experience working with faith communities affected by the disease. There will also be an historic display of quilts remembering people who have died of HIV/AIDS courtesy of the NAMES Project. You are welcome to bring pictures and names of people who have died, and opportunities to hear from people living with HIV/AIDS. The service will conclude with a Call to Action.

Questions? contact Rev. Jim Mitulski,; (650) 349-3544