We heard you, and your voice matters!

Penny and Marge wanted to thank everyone again for your participation in the Survey that was conducted in August.  We felt you would want to have a summary of the results which are responsible for and supportive of some of the changes you are already seeing in worship!  Your feedback is welcome as we shape the CCSM of the future!

Number of respondents:     207

65% of you agree that the current Sunday worship time of 10:30 a.m. works best.

What you appreciate:

CCSM’s mission, vision, and welcoming environment

Our monthly newsletters and weekly connections

Music programs

Justice outreach

Speaker events

Coffee hour

Inspiring sermons

Where you see room for improvement:

Less clapping during worship

More activities to ensure singles and older people feel included

Improved technology (video streaming, better audio quality)

More contemporary music

More speaker events

Balance in the political aspect of services to honor those with differing viewpoints

Typical Sunday mornings for many of you:

How your theology / spirituality compares to that of CCSM:

What you have said about your concept of God:

“My ideas of God or divine presence have altered greatly over time. . . I now embrace progressive Christianity, Paganism, Buddhist principles and am always open to exploring multiple faith pathways as well as developing my own unique pathway that will constantly evolve as long as I live.”

“God is not a faraway entity isolated in a fictitious heaven.  The spirit of God may be nearer than I imagined.”

“I’m still working on bringing my ideas into form.  While I feel the presence of a higher power in collective action—civil rights movements, social justice in peace and evolving social reform—I wait for my own personal experience.”


The staff will continue to review the data collected as we plan worship, events, and celebrations.  Survey or not, you are always welcome to send your comments, feedback, and ideas to mboyd@ccsm-ucc.org or stop by the church office to chat!

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