Second Hour Sundays – Gun Violence Series

MSJ presents a three-part series on Gun Violence Prevention. Please join us at noon after church to learn about and discuss this important topic!

September 29—PART II:  Guns, the Military and Law Enforcement with Ago Pedalizo. We will discuss the concept of active non-violence as a form of resistance against gun violence and how this manifests in different forms of protests. In particular, we will show how military veterans share their sentiments on the issue. The intersection between suicide, and access to guns will be highlighted.

October 6—PART III:  Battleground America with Rebecca Ruedy-Whelan, Michael Whelan, and Andrea Harwood. 2nd Amendment interpretation, gun policy, and the changing role of guns in our society.

The series began on September 22 with PART I:  Gun Knowledge 101 and Citizen Awareness with Sharon Tobin and Karen Jolliffe. This first session covered the history of gun culture in America, putting a human face on victims and touching on the ramifications of America’s fascination with rugged individualism.