Second Hour: March 3 – Rev. Jim Mitulski

This Is Our Story, This Is OUR Song

Rev. Jim Mitulski • Churches continue to debate whether LGBT people should be allowed in the pulpit, and even in the pews, but gay people have always been present in the hymn books! Join us for an hour of song and lecture about queer hymnody—the writers, poets, composers, musicians who have enriched our worship, some of whom have been open about their identity, and some of whom have not been able to tell who they really are. Rev. Jim Mitulski, Major Gifts Officer for the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies, and interim pastor of Island United Church in Foster City, is a lifetime member of the Hymns Society of the United States and Canada, and has published about this topic.

Join us after worship at 11:45am in the Buckham Room.