Rev. Dakota Brown leaving CCSM

Dakota sent a letter of resignation to the board of directors indicating March 15th, 2019 as her last day at CCSM. She has accepted a full time position at Pathways Hospice as a Chaplain. At Pathways she will serve families from San Francisco to Redwood City. They are able to offer her benefits and more hours that she needs for herself and her family to live in the Bay area.

Dakota writes: My final project for the church was to survey the senior population of the church to update the needs and hopes for future senior programming. I have completed this project and the results have been given to Penny. The Wise and Wonderful group will no longer meet twice a month but will meet once a month on the first Friday of the month. The first speaker, on April 5th, will be Deb Flaherty who will share information about Mid Peninsula Village. All other pastoral care needs have been parceled out to the remaining staff and some church volunteers. 

I would like to thank The Board and all the members of CCSM for the opportunity to serve your church community for the past three years. During this time I have appreciated the learning opportunities to grow as a minister in the United Church of Christ. I am most humbled by the many people who have shared the joys and challenges of their lives with me. I will continue to lift these conversations in prayer; God always hears us and knows our hearts (Psalm 139).

We thank Dakota for her service among us and wish her only the best in her ministry.