Public Forum on “Asians Against China’s Occupation and Repression”

Sunday, December 1 at noon • Buckham Room

Come and join us for a public forum on “Asians Against China’s Occupation and Repression” with human rights activists from Uyghur Muslims, Filipinos, Tibetan Buddhists and Vietnamese in San Francisco Bay Area. The discussions will revolve around China’s human rights violations as in the case of the incarceration of three million Uyghurs, the repression of Tibet since 1959 and the current turmoil in Hong Kong. Speakers will also present maritime aggression and militarization of the East Asian Sea bordering small nations of Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines causing plunder of resources, political instability and irreparable ecological damage. What role do global citizens play? How can peace be achieved in the region?