InHABITing Love

Sunday Celebrations in Lent
March 10 – April 14

“Is My Life Loving?”

preaching by Penny Nixon
except for 3/24 by Jorge Perry Bautista

March 10: The Habit of Stillness: Loving to Hold Still. Baptism • Communion [daylight savings!]

March 17: The Habit of Generosity: Give Until it Feels Good!

March 24: The Habit of Becoming a People: Beloved Community. 

March 31: The Habit of Forgiveness: Loving to Forgive.

April 7: The Habit of Compassion: Allow Yourself to Feel.

April 14: PALM SUNDAY: The Habit of Candor: Can I Be Frank?

April 21: EASTER: Transformed by LOVE!