Immigration Then and Now with Professor Bill Ong Hing

Second Hour Sunday

August 4 • Noon, Buckham Room

Don’t miss this presentation on the history of immigration and the current immigration policies. What has changed over the last few years? How is this impacting everything we are reading about? Is there a path for legal immigration? These questions and more will be answered by USF Professor Dr. Bill Hing. Dr. Hing is Director of the Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic and Dean’s Circle Scholar.

Throughout his career, Professor Hing pursued social justice through a combination of community work, litigation, and scholarship. He is the author of numerous academic and practice-oriented publications on immigration policy and race relations, including American Presidents, Deportation and Human Rights Violations (Cambridge Univ. Press 2019); Ethical Borders—NAFTA, Globalization, and Mexican Migration (Temple University Press, 2010), Deporting Our Souls–Morality, Values, and Immigration Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2006), Defining America Through Immigration Policy (Temple University Press, 2004), and Making and Remaking Asian America Through Immigration Policy (Stanford University Press, 1993). His book To Be An American: Cultural Pluralism and the Rhetoric of Assimilation (NYU Press, 1997) received the award for Outstanding Academic Book by the librarians’ journal Choice. He was also co-counsel in the precedent-setting U.S. Supreme Court asylum case, INS v. Cardoza–Fonseca (1987), and represented the State Bar of California in In Re Sergio Garcia(2014), in granting a law license to an undocumented law graduate.

Hing is the founder of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in San Francisco and continues to volunteer as general counsel for this organization. Please be sure and come to this important presentation.