Immigrant Detention Centers

Moral Witness Delegation at Otay Mesa

October 7 • 11:45am in the Buckham Room

MSJ will host a Second Hour about Immigrant Detention Centers in the US. The detention of immigrants in the US has become a multi-billion dollar industry. For-profit corporations run over 200 detention facilities across our nation, and these facilities hold over 150,000 bed spaces. The fact that these prisons get paid for the number of people in each center per night offers no incentive to speed up legal processes and let immigrants return to their families.

First, we will watch a short film by Brave New Films which narrates first-hand accounts of those impacted by this system. Following the film, CCSM members Kerianne Steele and Austin Mader-Clark will facilitate a discussion. Both Kerianne and Austin traveled to San Diego this June to protest the separation of families outside the Otay Mesa Detention Center, where mothers who had been separated from their children were being detained.

We hope you will join us for this important film and discussion.

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