Homecoming of the Heart

Homecoming Sunday, September 8

Homecoming is all about family, sharing, and fellowship. To create a gathering which embodies those elements, we’ll celebrate this year’s Homecoming Sunday with a potluck. We are not assigning food items by alphabet, but instead are inviting you to dig deep into your memories and your recipe boxes for dishes that represent home, family, welcome, and hospitality. CCSM will supply a protein (chicken and a vegetarian choice), but the rest will be a smorgasbord of the heart! Bring your dish in something that you don’t need to take back home (we will also have some environmentally responsible “to go” boxes available if you do need your dish back) so that we may gather the remaining abundance, pack it up, and deliver it to an agency such as Samaritan House or Home and Hope for their evening meal.

If you can volunteer to assist with setup, cleanup, or delivery of the “loaves and fishes” after our noon meal, please contact Donna Summers (Ministry of Fellowship Lead, donna.summers@me.com) or Marge (mboyd@ccsm-ucc.org) in the office.