Help! Calling all Butterflies – Liturgical Arts Workshops

Did you know that a group of butterflies is officially called a kaleidoscope, although they are sometimes referred to as a swarm?

Groups of caterpillars are called an army. The Liturgical Arts Ministry (LAM) cordially invites you to participate in the building of our Lent-to-Easter transformational theme—cocoons into butterflies— signifying Jesus’s resurrection.

There are two open workshops coming up. Please give us a helping hand and RSVP to Kay Harris, or call 572-8378 if you would like to attend either or both dates.

Saturday, April 6, 10am to 1pm • We will be creating a kaleidoscope of large flying butterflies and we need your help to assemble them.
Skill set: pasting, Exacto knife usage, scissors, assemble.

Saturday, April 20, 10am to 1pm We need several extra helping hands to build 12 floral arrangements for Easter Sunday. They will be glorious! If you enjoy working with flowers you can help Pam and Alice create our beautiful arrangements.
Skill set: Bring your flower clippers!

Saturday, April 20, 10am to 1pm • Mike Harris is looking for an installation crew to help install the kaleidoscope of butterflies.
Skill set: Hold strings and tie knots.

You’ll be amazed to see cocoons actually emerging into butterflies! Please arrive early and bring a friend. Coffee, tea and goodies will be served. We guarantee this will be fun!