Good News from your moderator, Dave Chandler

Back in the February/March Pine Tree we outlined the process for finding someone to serve as the Children Youth Family (CYF) staff person, knowing that we would have to be flexible and open to all possibilities. We are thrilled to announce that “possibility” is now a reality!

The CYF interview committee (former CYF chairs + personnel committee representative) unanimously recommended Rev. Sheryl Johnson be employed to be our Associate Minister of Children, Youth and Families.  From the interview panel: “…the Interview Committee gives Sheryl a universal thumbs up, we recommend that you proceed with her hire! Sheryl impressed us with her knowledge of child development and her extensive experience as a Children, Youth & Families Minister in the UCC church. She has strong communication skills, high energy, a pleasant and curious personality, as well as a rich background of personal strengths that include music and music history, yoga, ESL instruction, writing, the study of social justice and ethics, and fluency in French and written Spanish. We believe that Sheryl will be a fine addition to our church community and an experienced guide for our children and youth…”

Sheryl visited CCSM in March, gave the children’s sermon, met with the youth, and spent time with Kibbie.  The Personnel Committee fully endorsed the interview panel’s recommendation to hire Sheryl. The board enthusiastically approved the terms of her employment, which she accepted.

Sheryl is a PhD candidate at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley and will be able to work a little more than half-time at 25 hours per week. She is ordained in the United Church of Canada and is coming to CCSM as an ordained minister; the position does not require a congregational call at this time. The committee and board felt it necessary to move quickly (we were not the only church interested in Sheryl) so that the position could be filled by a very qualified candidate. She will begin June 1st but will spend some time in May behind the scenes with Kibbie, learning the many aspects of the job. We feel very blessed to have found such an outstanding person to guide our CCSM children and youth.

A big shout out to the CYF Ministry and to Kibbie during this transition for keeping our programs up and running strong!

Sheryl was just featured on the cover of the GTU magazine for her interfaith work. Check out the article at   

And now, a note from Sheryl:

I am so excited to meet you all, and to have the opportunity to work and minister with you. I have had such positive experiences with those I have met so far and am so grateful for the warm welcome that you all have extended to me. You are clearly doing very vital and vibrant ministry as a church and I have been so inspired in starting to learn about it. Once I start, I would very much appreciate you introducing yourself to me and sharing what is important to you about CCSM! I can’t wait to see what God will do in this new ministry adventure, and I pray that the Spirit will be lively in our midst.

Peace to you,