The new CCSM bylaws mean: no longer are nine rotating members required to serve on the Ministry for Children, Youth and Families (CYF). The former chair is now called a “lead.” The name of a ministry can be changed without a congregational vote.  Transformation is afoot!

However, the purpose of CYF remains the same—to provide an environment for the spiritual growth of our children, youth and their families.  Its members serve as accountability partners, advisors, assistants, and ambassadors (AAAA). In other words, the members hold the program leaders accountable, advise and assist those leaders, and are ambassadors for CYF to the rest of the congregation.

Currently Michele Cinq Mars serves as the CYF Lead. Other members each have a specialty area. Nicole Tocchini and Heather Nayak are encouraging family engagement. Tara Abrams is focusing on children, and Michelle Oberes-Padre on high schoolers. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to or

Did you notice an advocate for one age group is missing? Mauricio Palma had taken on mid-high…but he got kidnapped from CYF Ministry to become Vice-Moderator. Of course, CYF is thrilled for him but sad to lose him. Now maybe you can volunteer to represent that age group.

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