CYF Events – September 20

Sunday at 9:45am – Godly Play with Shannon: Godly Play is a Montessori-based storytelling technique. Shannon will tell a Bible story using simple figures and then ask the kids open-ended questions about their thoughts and feelings. Afterwards there is time to create an artistic response to the story using art supplies, playdoh, clay, or whatever you have nearby at home! This program is primarily geared toward younger kids (under age 7 or so) but all are welcome!

Sunday at 11:30am – 60 Minutes: Join Mike, Laura, and Sheryl for a conversation about schools, learning, and COVID-19. What is working well, what isn’t, what would you do differently, what should we be doing as a state and as a country. We want to hear your opinions! Grade 9+ are welcome.

Sunday at 11:30am – Kids’ Faith and Justice Program: Join Libby for conversation about the connections between faith and social justice! Talk about anti-racism, the environment, and whatever you care most about! We will do projects, art, and more! This is designed primarily for kids aged 8-12 or so!