CCSM Top Chefs

Mike Harris explains kitchen tools

Cooking and eating together builds community.  Learning some skills in addition is an extra bonus.  Twice a month, CYF sponsors its own “cooking show” for the high schoolers.  Through demonstration by experts and participation by young sous chefs, the youth learn to make meals that they can replicate for their families or create once they are older and on their own.

Mike Harris explained tools required for the most basic kitchen, before some kids joined him to make such delicious five-can vegan chili that two big pots of it were devoured in no time.  (Recipe available on request. It did require a lot of chopping.). Jay Cornwall of Pasta Pasta fame gave every high schooler a new knife, cutting board, spatula and fancy pan with which to cook a personal dinner.  After gobbling down tacos, the teens took home their new equipment so they could cook for their families (well, at least that is the intention).