CCSM Loves our Children and Youth!

by Penny Nixon

One of the things I love most about CCSM is our intergenerational community and how the whole community loves and supports our youth and children. That love and support has been embodied so beautifully in Kibbie’s ministry among us for the past two years. Kibbie stepped up at a time when we were looking for a CYF minister. Along with the CYF Ministry, our programs have continued to provide spiritual nurture and opportunities for service for our children, our youth, and our families.

As was reported in last month’s Pine Tree, Kibbie has officially “retired” from her full-time CCSM position.

So what is happening now? Kibbie has agreed to help us through this time of transition, working very part-time and in close collaboration with the CYF Ministry and with me. Tara Abrams has offered to be our Children’s Ministries Coordinator and will oversee the children’s programming on Sunday mornings. Thanks to volunteers Dave Olsen and Bill Dunbar, the mid-high Sunday class will run as usual through mid-June, including first Sundays. We are thrilled that 12 mid-high youth are going on the Coming of Age Retreat next weekend. The youth groups will continue to meet, so parents, keep an eye out for details. We will do our very best to communicate to keep you informed so that our children and youth remain engaged in their spiritual community.

The CYF interview committee is interviewing a potential candidate – stay tuned and keep the prayers coming! The CYF Ministry is active as ever and fully engaged during this time of transition.

On Sunday, June 2nd, we will celebrate (with cake and more!) and appreciate Kibbie for all her work and for all the ways she has loved and supported our youth. Please note—she is NOT leaving CCSM—we will still see her around and she will no doubt be involved in various projects, but, she will no longer be responsible for our children and youth ministries. “All good things must come to an end” is the saying, but that is really not true in this case. Here at CCSM, all good things continue—they take different form from time to time, but the love and support is unending, and we don’t actually have to say good-bye to our amazing Kibbie.