In church school recently we talked about superheroes, looking at David… a scrawny kid who was the youngest of his family. He had the courage to stand up against Goliath, defeat him, and lift the oppression from the backs of his people. It can sometimes kind of feel this way for us, as we take on preserving the environment. It can seem like an impossible task! And yet, God calls us to have courage, to take his strength and help preserve the earth.

Now we’ll continue this theme by looking at baptism, a sign of renewal and affirmation. We’ll ask the courageous question: What can we do to make a difference?

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  • A Story About Baptism, for some historical context, and if you like reading with your kids
    • After reading this, you can talk about how the water that runs over us in baptism is a symbol of God’s love that washes and renews our heart.
  • Water is an ESSENTIAL part of baptism, as it is ESSENTIAL for all aspect of our lives

  • ACTIVITY: Water scavenger hunt: Walk around your house and name your uses of water. You might need a pen and paper to keep track.

    • For each faucet, (maybe choose three), come up with ways to reduce usage.

    • BONUS TALK: discuss as a family, your reliance on agriculture.

      • Is it heavy? Are there ways to reduce your dependance?

      • Would it be practical/ possible to grow your own garden?

      • How can your kids get involved in meal prep! (when we are involved in the process, we can see our impact)

  • Optional ACTIVITY: This would be a great opportunity to review how to wash hands to help prevent spread of Covid-19.