Ministry of Service & Justice (MSJ)

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God has no hands but your hands, no feet but your feet, no face but your face. The Ministry of Service and Justice (MSJ) seeks to cultivate a more just and compassionate world, working together to understand and meet the real needs of our local community and beyond. MSJ is an active and vibrant ministry integral to the life of … Read More

Sanctuary Church

CCSM voted to become a Sanctuary Church in February 2017, approving this motion: “The Congregational Church of San Mateo declares itself a Sanctuary Congregation and as such will open our doors to welcome into Sanctuary undocumented individuals who are facing deportation and in need of safe refuge.” Later that year, two members of the TransGay Caravan, Estefany and Natalia, were … Read More

Energy, Environmental Justice

arid to green landscape

The EEJ (Energy, Environmental Justice) Ministry was formed in 2019 to research, educate, implement and communicate in the CCSM community sustainable practices and energy saving operations such as installing solar panels and other efficiency upgrades to our campus. By fulfilling our mission, CCSM will save money, reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to mitigate climate change. Our mission … Read More

Organ Camp

Our church organist, Dr. Angela Kraft Cross, is committed to the musical education of young people. Organ Camp is an opportunity for your pianists to learn about the pipe organ. “Campers” range from ages 8-13 with “assistants” from ages 12-16. Organ Camp consists of several field trips to different local organs and to a local organ factory. As part of the … Read More