Nuevos Caminos - A church-wide discernment, re-envisioning Latino and Multicultural Ministry

"This I pray: that your love may overflow still more and more in knowledge and depth of discernment, for I want you to understand what really matters: Live a considerate and exemplary life, a life of which Jesus is proud, abounding in fruits of the soul, making Jesus Christ attractive to all, making all partakers of the glory and praise of God."  

Philippians 1:9-11 PAR

Our church-wide discernment begins April 7!  These sessions aren't a workshop or a planning meeting, but an extension of worship.  We will share in communion in the form of lunch around tables, and our conversation will be a collective prayer where we listen for who God is calling us to be -- and we need YOU to do that. 
Each person will have the opportunity to express their emotions, thoughts and views, listen to others, and be guided through the process of reflection and sharing by our table facilitators.
All Are Welcome! 

Sundays - April 7, 14, 28 & May 5

12 noon - 1:30 pm in Kloss Hall, Lunch Provided.

While an RSVP is not required, we invite you to RSVP at the link below to help us with meal planning and staffing.

If you can't come in person, join us on Zoom!


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Session Topics

April 7: God’s Call

Our journey is the living account of our response to God's call to be a multicultural church that presents the life-giving and transforming Gospel of Jesus in a progressive, relevant and active way to all people without exception in San Mateo County. It is a human story of many people with many experiences that deserve to be revisited, analyzed.

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to:

- To know in detail the history of CCSM's multicultural work.

- Share your experiences, thoughts and positions on CCSM's Latino Ministry;

- Name what they see as lessons to be learned and successes to be celebrated.


April 14: Crossing Divides

Our inner life and our human relationships are complex. We all have barriers we struggle to cross and walls we hide behind. Sometimes, we inherit walls without realizing it, attitudes ingrained in our culture or unchallenged by our families and communities. But when we take the time to recognize these walls, we can begin to be curious about the stories and realities of others and realize that we are 'the other' to other people.

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to:

- To know in detail the experiences of some people in the congregation faced with the challenge of building multicultural coexistence (testimonies of people who have suffered discrimination and of people who feel overcome by cultural and language barriers).

- Reflect on the walls we put up that divide people in the congregation and become obstacles to the development of the church's mission.

- Recognize the individual role of each person in the deconstruction of prejudices and the construction of an inclusive and equitable community coexistence.


April 28: Practicing Forgiveness

Jesus teaches over and over again about forgiveness in the Gospels. This suggests two things: firstly, that it is a crucial part of achieving the fullness of life and, secondly, that forgiveness is quite challenging to understand and even more difficult to live every day.

As complicated as it is (or perhaps because of it), forgiveness is a liberating, heart-opening and life-changing opportunity as we try to be the ones who seek reconciliation. Forgiveness does not excuse wrongdoing. On the contrary, it is powerful because we acknowledge that a wrong has been done. It requires courage, hope and grace and cannot be rushed.

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to:

- Reflect on the power of the experience of forgiveness in a personal and communal way.

- Know the relationship between the principles of truth, justice and reparation.

- Recognize the importance of the practice of forgiveness in community life experiences for building an inclusive and equitable faith community.


May 5: Embracing Hope

Becoming the Kingdom of God is a transformative experience, bringing something new that is often counter-cultural. It is a message of real hope for the world that turns dominant values and established systems of power on their head, but this is only sometimes comfortable and sometimes meets resistance.

As we enter a new era as a congregation, we can accept Christ's invitation to a new hope. Together in love and unity, we can discern a shared vision and mission with humility, openness and willingness.

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to:

- Share dreams, expectations, and ideas about the future of Latino and Multicultural Ministry at CCSM

- Brainstorm ways to serve our North-Central Community and San Mateo County, including enhancing relationships with current community partners. 

- Establish next steps in relationship building and congregational engagement that support and enhance the multicultural ministry of CCSM.

Structure of the Sessions

Each session will last 90 minutes (excluding the time needed to prepare the room and other aspects related to logistics and facilitation).

It may be developed by two facilitators and a team of assistants to guide the small group discussions (to be determined by the number of people who sign up to participate in the process) and the logistics of each session.  Refreshments can be included.

The parts of the sessions are:

Welcome:  We greet one another in the hall and on Zoom!

History:  Here, we will share the content prepared for each session according to the theme or topic to be developed. It will include a biblical reading, reflection, and small group work that will look at realities from different angles.

Space:  This central part of each session allows participants to engage with their own experience through an activity, which may be an interactive exercise or a guided reflection. This part helps to embed the habits of curiosity, presence and re-imagination.

Sanctuary:  This is the end of the session, a time to reflect and experience God's presence, to pray and ask God to act, while participants reflect on how to apply what they have learned in their everyday context and what they have learned.

If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact Rev. Jessica, Rev. Álvaro, or Julien Phillips, our Latino Ministry team lead.