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Stewardship 2020: Faith in our Future

Our Stewardship theme this year is Faith in Our Future. You are a reflection of that faith. Your presence, your generosity and your love sustain this beloved community. In a time of polarization and callousness in our nation, CCSM cares. We are passionate about an inclusive and open faith, we care deeply for one another and we are tirelessly committed to social action and social justice.

It is no news that across the country people are leaving the church in increasing numbers. In fact, we have even seen church attendance decline at CCSM this past year. Even though people are pulled in many directions on a Sunday morning, people are still committed to our church through volunteerism, through staying connected online and through giving in a variety of ways. Attendance may be wavering, but people’s commitment is steadfast.

For the first time, we launch our stewardship campaign this year with 46 sustaining pledgers, people who made a multi-year pledge, and those pledges represent $186,000. That is Faith in Our Future!

When you make a pledge, you add value to your lives and to the lives of others. Just knowing that a place like CCSM exists can provide hope and encouragement that there is a Christianity that is liberating and a welcome antidote to the hateful rhetoric swirling around us. Coming to church helps ground us, helps us reset our moral compass, and most of all, reminds us that we are not alone.

Martha Bronitsky, our stewardship ministry lead, expresses it this way:  I feel that coming to CCSM every week is an act of justice. “So many people are moving away from faith communities or feel that some communities are rigid and people feel left out, supporting our core values is an act of justice for me. We strive to understand why Jesus taught the way he did and how we can take the message of a loving and inclusive God out to our daily lives.  It is an act of social justice to come and learn from our community.”

So this year I invite you to make your stewardship pledge as an investment in Our Future and as an act of social justice.

As you do, consider all the ways you steward your life, how you take care of the resources you have been blessed with over time. Stewardship helps us administer our blessings. Stewardship is a responsibility, giving is an act and generosity is an attitude. Add love to the mix and we have a bright future together.

Please consider becoming a sustaining partner or making your annual pledge as soon as possible so we can plan our 2020 budget.


What Is This Year’s Pledge Goal?

This year we are hoping to increase to $610,000.
This is a modest gain but will allow us to compensate our staff in a more equitable way and maintain all our current programming.

Here are the totals from the last 4 years:
2016 – $578,701
2017 – $586,830
2018 – $611,874
2019 – $605,334


Ways To Give – Choose One!

Become a Sustaining Pledger:

  • Sign in to your account at myCCSM
  • If not already on the Home page, select Home / My Overview
  • Click on the Pledge Nowbutton near the bottom
  • Fill in the amount, select General Budget
  • Select the frequency
  • Make the pledge for three years – From 1/1/20 until 12/31/22
  • Before clicking Saveor Save and Setup Online Gift“, confirm the total pledge amount that appears. Examples:
    • If you insert $200 to Operating Fund to be given twice a month, that total will be $14,400 (2 x 36 x $200).
    • If you insert $5,000 to Operating Fund to be given Once a year, that total will be $15,000 (3 x $5,000).
  • Now click Saveor Save and Setup Online Gift.  That’s it.  Your three-year pledge has been recorded. Thank you!

Renew Your Pledge:

  • Sign in to your account at myCCSM
  • If not already on the Home page, select Home / My Overview
  • Click on the Pledge Now button near the bottom
  • Fill in the amount, select General Budget
  • Select the frequency
  • Make the pledge for one year – From 1/1/19 until 12/31/19
  • Now click Save or Save and Setup Online Gift.  That’s it.  Your pledge has been recorded. Thank you!

*Note: The church is charged a fee of approximately 3% of the total by credit card companies when you use a credit card to pledge; there are no fees to the church when you use an auto-pay setup from your bank or a check written to the church.

Send an email or call

If you’d prefer not to do this online, feel free to send an email to Cheryle Matteo at, or call her at 650-343-3694 and she can complete it for you.

Print and Complete a Pledge Card

2019 Ministry Highlights

Click here to read just a few highlights of CCSM ministry in 2019 that your giving made possible.


A Deeper Reflection on Stewardship

A financial pledge is an annual monetary commitment from each one of us that enables CCSM’s leadership to set a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  Sustained giving provides our church with the means by which we assess priorities in a planned and thoughtful way.  Additionally, it allows us individually and as a faith community to align our giving with our values.  Having a stable, well managed financial foundation permits CCSM to make plans and build programs around our guiding principles as well as to respond to the needs of our members, our neighborhood, our world.

Determining the amount of one’s financial pledge is a matter of discernment and prayer; considering answers to these questions may assist you in formulating your response to the call for stewardship of resources:

How much am I being called to give?

What amount or percentage of my income seems significant and responsible as a pledge?

How can my pledge be a tangible representation of the benefits I receive by being part of the CCSM family?

Do I have other financial resources which might help secure CCSM’s economic stability now and in the future?

Let’s continue with Stewardship of the Heart . . .

As the hands, feet, and face of God, we are called to share not only our material resources, but also our giftedness and talents.  Stewardship of the heart provides some of the means by which we can ensure that our physical building is a safe, adequately maintained, and a welcoming sanctuary.  Those who volunteer their abilities and skills help us control costs and take pride of ownership.  Those who donate supplies, goods, and services help us live into generosity.  From a smiling voice on the other end of a phone call, to climbing a ladder with a can of paint; from cleaning and organizing a closet, to gracing fellowship hour with a homemade treat:  all of these are ways to add a priceless dimension to your pledge!

Let Stewardship of the Spirit be an ever-present Benediction . . .

CCSM is a voice for progressive Christianity, social justice, and community outreach.  Without prayer support and unmistakable commitment to our guiding principles, no matter the depth of our budget or sturdiness of our building, our public influence lacks conviction and we cannot effectively speak truth to power.  It is the stewardship of your spirit that inspires leadership to stand in the face of adversity, to hold community gently in the face of tragedy, and to rejoice in the wonders and mysteries of our lives.

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