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A Few CCSM Highlights Your Giving Made Possible…

Since CCSM committed to developing a Latin@ congregation in May, Iglesia San Mateo has grown from 10-15 in attendance to 40! And each new person has felt completely welcome and comfortable at CCSM.

An increasing number of people in the Latin@ community, beyond the people from the Wednesday Gatherings call on Jorge as their pastor for important life events such as deaths in the family, quinceañeras (coming of age parties), baptisms, and graduation celebrations.

The New Companion Ministry has provided over 150 visits to members of our church community in the past 9 months. We grew from 9 companions to 18 companions bringing God’s connection to our members unable to attend worship on Sundays.

Sixteen new parking signs have been installed for better access to church for people with mobility challenges.

Train Day, singing, confirmation, mission trip and the junior church services have been revived.

A renovated top floor of the Betsy Woodward CE Building has been completed, including a dedicated youth room, and a beautiful new Will Bullis Community Room.

The Pine Seed, a monthly newsletter for parents, was introduced.

We held our first annual “coming of age” retreat for our middle schoolers, and had TEN kids go.

On Sunday, February 26, 2017, CCSM voted to become a Sanctuary Church. In mid-September, we welcomed our first two Sanctuary guests, Estefany and Natalia, trans women from Honduras who are applying for asylum based on gender identity.

In 2017 so far, CCSM has collected over $45,000 from weekly plate offerings, which has gone to support 32 local, national, and global causes and organizations.

24 people total from CCSM went up to Cazadero’s four different camps. The biggest showing from any church in the Conference!

Our Guiding Principles were revitalized and updated with wide congregational input and engaging conversations through our neighborhood groups.

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