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Money CAN buy happiness! That is what the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu assert in their Book of Joy: Money CAN buy happiness when you spend it on others, when you give it away!

All fall we have been talking about how to widen the capacity for JOY in our lives. Generosity is one of the pillars of joy, one of the main ingredients of a joyful life. So this year, let’s think about our CCSM pledge as a way to open to more joy in our lives.

During these troubling times, when the disasters keep rolling in wave after wave, CCSM stands as a strong and safe place in the midst of the chaos. We are sanctuary to so many—not only a physical sanctuary to our guests seeking asylum but also a sanctuary of spirit to those who are seeking solace and peace.

As the polarization in our country continues to divide us, CCSM is a place that strives to find new ways to unite us and to reach across human boundaries. This year alone we have shared lunch with the Muslim Garden School, worshipped with St. James AME Zion around the corner, and welcomed the new congregation of Iglesia San Mateo as part of our CCSM body.

Recipients of the county’s MLK award, we continue to preach an inclusive message of hope knowing that we are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.  And whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.”

As we acknowledge that in addition to a unity of spirit, financial strength is required to support and underwrite our current programs and as we consider the goals and challenges of the fiscal year ahead, this truth stands out:  your generosity, expressed in so many different ways, undergirds all that we do together at CCSM.  Your expanded, sustaining pledge and increased commitment to our work of the future will have far-reaching positive effects for our CCSM family, our community, and our world.

We hope that through your giving, you experience great joy.

And we hope the pig made you smile.

2017: A Terrific Year of Ministry

As we strive to be the hub of progressive Christianity on the Peninsula, we are thrilled and honored to receive the San Mateo County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration Honorary Organization Award. This honor is given to organizations that make significant contributions to furthering Dr. King’s vision of equality and justice.

LEARN MORE about how your generosity has impacted CCSM this past year.

Stewardship of resources, heart, and spirit

Let’s start with Stewardship of Resources . . .

A financial pledge is an annual monetary commitment from each one of us that enables CCSM’s leadership to set a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  Sustained giving provides our church with the means by which we assess priorities in a planned and thoughtful way.  Additionally, it allows us individually and as a faith community to align our giving with our values.  Having a stable, well managed financial foundation permits CCSM to make plans and build programs around our guiding principles as well as to respond to the needs of our members, our neighborhood, our world.

Determining the amount of one’s financial pledge is a matter of discernment and prayer; considering answers to these questions may assist you in formulating your response to the call for stewardship of resources:

How much am I being drawn to give?

What amount or percentage of my income seems significant and responsible as a pledge?

How can my pledge be a tangible representation of the benefits I receive by being part of the CCSM family?

Do I have other financial resources which might help secure CCSM’s economic stability now and in the future?

Let’s continue with Stewardship of the Heart . . .

As the hands, feet, and face of God, we are called to share not only our material resources, but also our giftedness and talents.  Stewardship of the heart provides some of the means by which we can ensure that our physical building is a safe, adequately maintained, and a welcoming sanctuary.  Those who volunteer their abilities and skills help us control costs and take pride of ownership.  Those who donate supplies, goods, and services help us live into generosity.  From a smiling voice on the other end of a phone call, to climbing a ladder with a can of paint; from cleaning and organizing a closet, to gracing fellowship hour with a homemade treat:  all of these are ways to add a priceless dimension to your pledge!

Let Stewardship of the Spirit be an ever-present Benediction . . .

CCSM is a voice for progressive Christianity, social justice, and community outreach.  Without prayer support and unmistakable commitment to our guiding principles, no matter the depth of our budget or sturdiness of our building, our public influence lacks conviction and we cannot effectively speak truth to power.  It is the stewardship of your spirit that inspires leadership to stand in the face of adversity, to hold community gently in the face of tragedy, and to rejoice in the wonders and mysteries of our lives.

In gratitude, we encourage you to demonstrate your stewardship as follows:


• Log in at myCCSM. Click on the “Pledge Now” button at the lower left and follow the instructions.

• Send an email to Pearly Masters at or call her at 650-343-3694.

• Complete a pledge card and place it in the offering tray on Sunday or mail to CCSM, 225 Tilton Ave., San Mateo, CA  94401.


Send an email to Marge Boyd at or call her at 650-343-3694.


Continue to hold CCSM, its programs, its principles, its actions in your prayers.



Please contact us at (650) 343-3694 with any questions you have or fill out the Stewardship form.

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