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Pine Tree Newsletter

The Pine Tree Newsletter is one of the major ways we communicate what is going on in the life of the church and is available in both digital and paper copy. Sign up for The Pine Tree and all of our other communications.

Dec-10-2018December 2018 Issue #11: Advent and Epiphanyattachment
Nov-29-2018December 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
Nov-11-2018November 2018 Issue #10: Adventattachment
Nov-1-2018November 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
Oct-8-2018October 2018 Issue #9attachment
Sep-28-2018October 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
Sep-04-2018September 2018 Issue #8attachment
Aug-07-2018August 2018 Issue #7: End of Summerattachment
Aug-02-2018August 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
July-07-2018July 2018 Issue #6: Pine Tree MIDSUMMER NEWSattachment
July-02-2018July 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
June-04-2018June 2018 Issue #5: Summerattachment
June-01-2018June 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
May-01-2018May 2018 Issue #4: Pluralismattachment
May-01-2018May 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
Apr-08-2018April 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
Mar-19-2018Spring 2018 Issue #3: Easterattachment
Mar-05-2018March 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
Feb-27-2018February 2018 Issue #2: Lent: The Examined Lifeattachment
Feb-08-2018February 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
Jan-22-2018January 2018 Issue #1: Epiphany and Lentattachment
Jan-4-2018January 2018 PINE SEEDattachment
Dec-11-20172017 Issue #10: Christmas and Epiphanyattachment
Dec-01-2017December 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
Nov-13-20172017 Issue #9: Advent attachment
Nov-08-2017November 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
Oct-09-20172017 Issue #8: Octoberattachment
Oct-04-2017October 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
Sept-05-20172017 Issue #7: Fallattachment
Aug-30-2017September 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
Aug-07-20172017 Issue #6: End-of-Summer and into Fallattachment
Aug-06-2017August 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
July-01-2017July 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
June-05-20172017 Issue #5: Summerattachment
June-01-2017June 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
May-09-2017May 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
May-08-20172017 Issue #4: Spring / Summerattachment
April-03-2017April 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
Mar-28-20172017 Issue #3: Easterattachment
Mar-03-2017March 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
Feb-15-20172017 Issue #2: Lent. Curiosity, Compassion, Courage: The Path Forwardattachment
Feb-06-2017Feb 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
Jan-23-20172017 Issue #1: What Unites Usattachment
Jan-03-2017Jan 2017 PINE SEEDattachment
Dec 12-162016 Issue #10: Christmasattachment
Dec 05-162016 PINE SEED: CCSM Family Connectionsattachment
Nov-14-162016 Issue #9: Novemberattachment
Oct-18-162016 Issue #8: Oct-Novattachment
Sep-19-162016 Issue #7: Sept-Octattachment
Aug-15-162016 Issue #6: Fallattachment
Jul-07-162016 Issue #5: Midsummerattachment
Jun-01-162016 Issue #4: Summerattachment
Apr-10-162016 Issue #3: Springattachment
Mar-07-162016 Issue #2: Easterattachment
Feb-01-162016 Issue #1: Lentattachment
Dec-28-152015 Issue #11: Epiphanyattachment
Nov-23-152015 Issue #10: Adventattachment

2015 Issue #9: Novemberattachment
Sep-29-152015 Issue #8: September/Octoberattachment
Aug-17-152015 Issue #7: Fallattachment
2015 Issue #6: Midsummer attachment
Jun-22-152015 Issue #5: Summerattachment
May-20-152015 Issue #4: May/Juneattachment
Apr-05-152015 Issue #3: Springattachment
Mar-18-152015 Issue #2: Easterattachment
Feb-02-152015 Issue #1: Lent - Room at the Tableattachment
Dec-15-142014 Issue #10: Christmas and Epiphanyattachment


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