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Since 1998, Pick-A-Party has been an essential part of the fabric of CCSM and a great opportunity to connect with others. Pick-A-Party is fun, extremely popular, and – by far – our largest fundraiser. Whether you host a party or just sign up to come to a party, you are sure to have a fabulous time as you mix and mingle with friends or with other CCSM members and families that you may have never met.

What exactly is Pick-A-Party?

Pick-A-Party is a large grouping of “sign-up” events that members, or a group of members, agree to host for as many people as they find appropriate for the specific activity/party. Attendees can be adults, kids or a combination of the two. The hosts cover all expenses of the party, and 100% of the funds raised by the event benefit CCSM.

How does Pick-A-Party work?

  • Every fall, church members are invited to participate in Pick-A-Party by hosting an event and/or attending parties.
  • Hosts are asked to think of something they enjoy doing and then build a party or activity around that idea. Here’s a list of party ideas that may spark the imagination.
  • Hosts can submit their party ideas via an online form or paper form.
  • Pick-A-Party Co-Chairs work with hosts to refine their party description and choose a mutually agreeable date.
  • The Pick-A-Party Team produces a Party List one week before Pick-A-Party Sunday. The Party List is available online and in hardcopy format.
  • On Pick-A-Party Sunday, church members come to Kloss Hall prior to 9:45 to line up and listen to announcements. The Pick-A-Party Co-Chairs “cut the ribbon” at 9:45 and church members start signing up for their desired parties at different tables. Some parties sell out in a few minutes.
  • After signing up, church members take their “party card” to the checkout line and pay for their parties (checks, cash accepted). They receive a certificate for each party detailing the party specifics.
  • Second Chance Pick-A-Party runs one week later for any parties that have seats available.
  • Hosts receive their guest lists a couple of weeks before their parties. Hosts are asked to contact guests at least one week prior to their event to remind them about the party specifics.
  • Throughout the year, Pick-A-Party Co-Chairs publish parties that still have available seats.

Questions? Fill out the Pick-A-Party form on this page and our Co-Chairs will be get back to you.

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