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Did you ever take a wrong turn and suddenly discover your phone or GPS saying, Recalculating…? 

Our sermon series this fall has stimulated our thinking about recalculating and finding our way again. For our stewardship message this year, we continue to think about recalculating. In the Christian tradition, the number 666 has gotten a lot of attention. But how about 5-5-5

For stewardship 2017, we are recalculating 5-5-5… We are challenging ourselves spiritually to:

  • INCREASE our pledge by 5%,
  • VOLUNTEER 5 more hours to CCSM in the coming year, and
  • ATTEND CCSM 5 more Sundays in 2017.

This is a personal spiritual commitment that we invite you to embrace.

2016: A Terrific Year of Ministry

As we strive to be the hub of progressive Christianity on the Peninsula, we are thrilled and honored to receive the San Mateo County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration Honorary Organization Award. This honor is given to organizations that make significant contributions to furthering Dr. King’s vision of equality and justice.

LEARN MORE about how your generosity has impacted CCSM this past year.

What is a pledge?

A Pledge is a spiritual commitment to giving of our time, talent and treasure, and it is based on our belief that we give because we receive. Pledging gives us a chance to assess our priorities in a planned and thoughtful way, and allows us to align our giving with our values.

A Pledge is a voluntary statement of your annual financial commitment upon which our church bases its expenditures, makes its plans and builds programs around our three fundamental priorities: (1) voice for progressive Christianity, (2) dedication to social justice and outreach and (3) deepening understanding and growing beloved community.

How much should I pledge?

Giving is a spiritual practice. The first step is to ask God in prayer: How much am I being called to give? How am I being asked to respond to spirit’s call in my life? Many pledgers begin with an estimated percentage of their incomes, which seems significant and responsible for the year, and later embark upon the spiritual discipline of gradually increasing that percentage over time.

How do I pledge?

Your pledge is a statement that you intend to contribute a certain amount monthly, quarterly, or even one-time toward the Operating Fund of this beloved community. It is not a contractual obligation, but it will help CCSM build a budget and plan for cash flow. All amounts are appreciated. There are several ways to pledge:

Online: Log in at myCCSM. Click on the “Pledge Now” button at the lower left and follow the instructions.

Pledge Card: Complete a pledge card and place it in the offering tray on Sunday or mail to Congregational Church of San Mateo, 225 Tilton Ave., San Mateo, CA  94401.

Phone: Contact us at (650) 343-3694 to discuss your pledge with our church administrator.

Email: Fill out the Stewardship form on this page.


Please contact us at (650) 343-3694 with any questions you have or fill out the Stewardship form.

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